This is the most fantastic AirCraft Combat sim I've ever played...

User Rating: 10 | F-22 Raptor PC
I think that this game is the First Grade of its Genre og games.

I did not find much games in simulating the Aircrafts riding or combat like this game.

I do not say that it is the best in Graphics or Reality but think about that you are talking about a game released in 1997.

It is really very generous to still playing a game from 1997 till now.

I really would like to ask NovaLogic company, why do not you upgrade this game with new techniques & release a new game with the powerful new Graphics in 2007. I think it will be very successful & generous game.

Please, take this review seriously.

I wish to hear from NovaLogic soon about developing this Game & see F-22 Raptor II...

Thank you very much for your attention...