A hidden but unpolished gem. Just have to try it for yourself.

User Rating: 8 | E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy PC
Overall, E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy is a good game with steep learning curve and some bugs. It definitely had a great potential, however, because it is an indi game with a small team/budget they game is not what it could have been and falls short in some respects. Nevertheless it is a good game and worth a try.
E.Y.E Cybermancy is a FPS/RPG hybrid set in the cyber punk setting. Where mission takes place in a variety of envieroments and planets such as barren Mars, cities and industrial areas. The game is relatively unique. However, it is definitely not for everyone. Once you get a hang of the game it does becomes fun, obviously the gameplay saves the game.

It is hard to compare E.Y.E to other games as it's feel, features and levels are influenced by a number of games/movies such as Syndicate, Blade Runner, Aliens, Deus Ex, System Shock 2 and probably few others.
The game provides interesting and quite complex levelling system. Firstly there is your usual experience and each increase in a level gives a player 3 points. Research can either improve player stats or unlock new equipment. Lastly there is implant upgrades, with a variety of implants available. New abilities can only be purchased rather than acquired.
There are no classes but players can specialise in whatever they wish. Players are able to upgrade strength for melee, accuracy for extra damage with guns, psi skills for better use of abilities, hacking to be able to turn enemy turrets against them and others.
During the levels the enemy constantly respawning, however, levels provide armoury where players are able to replenish their ammo and ability to heal constantly. The respawning enemies can get relentless at times but the game has scalable difficulty level, choose from 7 difficulty levels and 4 respawning settings.

- Steep learning curve
- Good gameplay
- Outdated graphics - The game has been released in 2011 but looks like a game from 2006. Runs on Source Engine
- Music... Well just turn it off
- No Voice acting - any present voice acting is just gibberish - so have to read quite a bit
-Quite a few bugs are present, biggest one for me was where a mission script was broken and no objectives given, however, mission is still passable. Another mission was not and I had to recreate the server to restart the mission
-Co-op multiplayer – apparently the multiplayer is more unstable and has more bugs than the single player
- Weapon variety is good
- Enemy variety is bit lacking

E.Y.E Cybermancy is a good game and I definitely recommend it, after playing the game I can definitely say it is better than most reviews say. It is a hidden gem which has not been polished.