This game is a combo of the best features from several games. I'd give it a 9.5 if it didn't have so many release bugs.

User Rating: 8.5 | E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy PC
When you mix Stalker, Deus Ex, Hellgate London and some 40k Warhammer, this is what you get. Old school PC FPS at its finest.

So many ways to handle the enemies in this game. Stealth it. Melee it. Hack it. Tank it. Snipe it. Lure it. Trap it. The RPG and powers really let you be creative on how you go about subduing your enemy.

Need to have sharp skills and wits too however because the respawning enemies can be relentless at times. It's pure chaos fun! You are often forced to think fast, quickly switch up your powers and weapons just to stay alive.

Survival is the main theme of this game. Being smart and careful to figure out how to stay alive long enough to get to the next objective is key.

This game will push your brain and reflexes all in one. Not a noob game by any means, if you like a challenge this game is for you. If you want a game experience like no other, get this game.

Do not pass up on this $20 game, a few hours to acclimate yourself with the game workings and you will fall in love.