A rare breed and well worth discovering in the sea of mediocrity

User Rating: 10 | E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy PC
This is admittedly my favorite type of game. Sci-fi foreign. I like those quirky, poorly translated games with clunky user interfaces and indecipherable plots. I guess it's because I know there aren't going to be many surprises with a big budget release. They are often overly pc (politically correct) and extremely linear. If you've played some games like Arx Fatalis, Anarchy Online, Saga of Ryzom, Mount & Blade, King Arthur or Divine Divinity then you're probably already a fan of the genre. Like in Anarchy Online you lvl by being sent out on instanced missions. You then return to HQ to get more missions and better gear.

Pros: Excellent ambience and soundtrack
Fantastic feeling weapons and variety with alt fire options
(actually the best I've seen in any game)

Cons:Plot unfolds through convoluted dialogue and makes
little if any sense.
You will have to read a tutorial to understand how best to
approach the game, combat and leveling.

Bottom Line: This is a great game to explore and tinker with as you have so many ways to approach the game through cybermancy, weaponry or both. The gunplay alone makes this game worth checking out. It's far from perfect but unlike so many games this one is headed in a very exciting direction. Though they are off the radar the developers are still planning to release further patches and significant content.