It's a great game but it's one of those things where after a certain point you just stop and never start again.

User Rating: 6 | E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy PC
How to describe this game. E.Y.E is a first person shooter wannabe RPG. It has very limited RPG elements, most of which are either broken or distorted in some way or another. The storyline it "attempts" to follow is very vague and ambiguous (all three normal endings as well as the final ending) leaving you with nothing but a feeling of dissatisfaction and a little irritation.

Worse off is the fact that it's so god damn broken! The engine is pathetically unstable and you will likely crash at the most pivotal moments unless you have a PC that can run 6 separate copies of Assassin's Creed 3 at the same time without lag. The game shows that it was designed with a very early copy of the source engine.

Those are the negatives. In a positive light I do enjoy this game quite a bit! Although the storyline is pretty stupid the level design and the powers are fun to play around with. With the number of powers out there you never really have to fight through a level the same way more than once. You can cloak through one, destroy everything in another, play a game of tic tac toe with enemies (buy the game and you'll understand which power I'm talking about there). It has very interesting multiplayer and the community that supports it is generally fairly mature.

So, in a line. It's a game with some major issues but with a saving grace or two that makes it worth playing.