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What Gamespot Users have to say about Extreme Ghostbusters (2002)

  • Rating:5

    This game can be "Extreme" at points, but did it have to punish us with passwords?!

    I admit, Ghostbusters Extreme could have been a lot better, but look on the bright side: at least it's fun for an hour or too. One of the shining features of Ghostbusters Extreme is the ability to switch from a female ch... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:8

    Extreme Ghostbusters, Fare thee well...

    This game is awesome, don't get me wrong. But this just shows what the short lived series could've been. You play as Kylie and Eduardo. Eduardo has a normal, long stream particle thrower and Kylie has a weaker, single sh... Read Full Review

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  • Rating:4.3

    Just not fun to play.

    I am very disappointed with this game. It may have very nice and cartoony graphics but the gameplay is terrible. You play Eduardo and Kylie from the TV series and must defeat an evil Count called Mercharior who has kidna... Read Full Review

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