Extreme Ghostbusters (2002) Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Last Stage password


    Contributed by: ReyVGM 

  2. Level 1: The Big Building Passwords

    The Hall: HGBNL14VJ
    Corridor: 5PMDTF/K2
    Office: 21QSR9JTS
    Boss: 8G20S86SC

    Contributed by: BanjoKazooie 

  3. Level 2: The Cemetary Passwords

    Racing 2: 30J82JBMB
    The Main Aisle: BNKN34SMW
    The Crypt: V8JNNVGLC
    Closer to the Underworld: MD*XN7KTJ

    Contributed by: BanjoKazooie 

  4. Level 3: Broadway Star Theatre Passwords

    Racing 3: VD*PJKFTS
    In the Wings: MDZ9KK/T8
    Ethereal Ball: MD2TK4XTK
    On Stage: WS0PJ6LTC
    Boss: VS31JL9TW

    Contributed by: BanjoKazooie 

  5. Level 4: The Botanical Museum Passwords

    Racing 4: LDK9K6HTC
    Don't Forget the Guide: WSJPJLZIV
    Carnivorous and Hungry: WSFKP6WT3
    The Final Confrontation: MS29P7JTW
    Final Boss: VSFPPMHT8

    Contributed by: BanjoKazooie