Extreme-G Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Weapons Code

    At the vehicle select screen, press the R Button to call up the control configuration, highlight the Name option and press A, then enter the following:


    Then press start to get the effect.

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

  2. Team Heads

    Enter your name as ''XGTEAM'' then hit start, you will hear a confrimation noise. Then go back and change your name to a name of one of the team members(in credits), such as:

    That team member's face will now be on your bike.

    Contributed by: Pyro Vesten 

  3. Change targets into Fergus heads

    On the vehicle select screen, press R. Now highlight the ''Name'' option and press A, which will bring up where you put in your codes.

    Enter FERGUS as your code and then select ''Shhot-em Up'' from the Single Player menu. This turns all of the ''drone'' targets into Fergus McGowan heads, the director of Probe Entertainment.

    Contributed by: Retro 

  4. Make all the vehicles invisible

    At the vehicle select screen, press R and then highlight Name and press A.

    For invisible vehicles enter STEALTH as your code and then press Start.

    Contributed by: Retro 

  5. Always win

    On the bike select screen enter your name as RA50. Now enter a race, and use your turbo to get into first place. Now pause and exit the game. The winning status menu will come up and you will be given whatever position you exited the game at. This can be used as many times as you want till you retype the code on the bike select screen...

    Contributed by: elusive_ 

  6. All Tracks and Bonus Cars

    For all tracks & bonus cars, enter the password 81GGD5

    Contributed by: Ben Zetlitz 

  7. Boulder Dash

    Start a new contest and press R Shift at the bike selection screen. When the name prompt appears, press R Shift again and enter your name as roller.

    Contributed by: Ben Zetlitz 

  8. Neon Bike

    Come first on every single track on extreme or enter the password 81GGD5.

    Contributed by: Wrighty 

  9. All levels and Neon in the European version

    To get access to all levels and the cool bike Neon in the European version of Extreme G, then input this password:


    Contributed by: Elwin Baltia 

  10. Extra Track

    Finish every race in meltdown circuit on extreme difficulty as first place.

    Contributed by: KeeperBvK 

  11. Assorted Name Codes

    On the bike selection screen, press the R button to open up your options. Highlight the ''name'' option, and press A. Now, change your name to any of the following, and press the start button:

    Effect Effect
    ROLLER All bikes turn into rolling stones
    WIRED All of the landscape appears to be a wire frame
    GHOSTLY All of the landscape on the screen becomes transparent
    UGLYMODE Grainy, pixelated, graphics
    FISHEYE The camera zooms away from the bike
    MAGNIFY The camera zooms closer to the bike
    XTREME The speed of the race becomes even faster
    ANTIGRAV The track flips completely upside-down, and now the race takes place on the ceiling
    BANANA The track will become extremely slippery
    NITROID You get unlimited speed boosts

    Contributed by: ElementalKnight 

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