Perfectly Serviceable Game

User Rating: 6 | Exodus from the Earth PC
Hey, what do you want? Exodus from the Earth (all the cool kids call it EFTE, man) is a Ukranian-made FPS sci-fi throwback that will probably run fine on a machine powered by guinea pigs on wheels. What you won't get is RE5 here. What you do get is a perfectly serviceable game. If you were one of the 100 or so people who even bothered picking up this not-really-marketed-in-the-US PC shooter, you probably know what you were in for (or your grannie was looking for a cheapo birthday present and this is what you got--new, you can pick this up for $20, so tell grannie you know exactly how much she spent on you). The game throws back to Quake 4 or Doom 3 in looks, gameplay, physics (yes, I know EFTE was released in 2008 not 2004)--it is not as good as either of those classics of course, but visually it is within the same class. The guns work fine, the mostly dumb AI works fine, the maps are mappy, the effects are effecty (I know, it's not a word), the story is transparent and circumlocutious (but it's sci-fi, so I'll take it). The one thing that is exceedingly BELOW PAR is the voice acting--like most of these semi-translated Ukranian- and Russian-made games (Alpha Prime, Kreed. etc.), the entire experience would be improved if you could simply turn off the dialogue; atrocious does not begin to describe it. But hey, I can play this on my completely non-sooped-up Dell laptop without a hitch, and I tell you that is awesome when you are sitting on plane for 4 hours straight. Yay! Exodus from the Earth! Yay! Exodus from the Uncomfortable Plane Flight! Yay!