After some awful first impressions, you'll start to see that Exodus From The Earth isn't much more than meets the eye.

User Rating: 4 | Exodus from the Earth PC
Taking place in a near future, Exodus From The Earth can be considered a shooter that places the player on the shoes of the man in charge to save our planet from a big time catastrophe. This same man, Frank, will inevitable have to battle is way through many enemies who dont seem to share is vision of things. After all, Frank is alone, all by himself, left to face a disaster that is yet to come. Same old, same old.

The epic tone implied in the start of EFTE is progressively lost throughout the game. While EFTE may give you the impression of being a simple FPS with some intense background behind it, this is a feeling that, unfortunately, doesn´t seem to last more than a few minutes. Exodus is nothing more than monotonous game haunted by a repetitive gameplay. And it seems that the developers planed it all to go this way, because they sure haven´t done anything to add a little variety to the gameplay.

As said before, Exodus takes place in an alternative reality, with a total science fiction feeling over it, complemented with futuristic scenarios (in a very industrial way) and some landscape territory. But the problems start right here, because, and at least until half way of the game, your only path will be these same industrial buildings, with a linear design that make nothing for the game itself. Even the storyline is extremely undeveloped, due to the fact that there are almost no cutscenes to give you some interest. EFTE as placed all its bets on the gameplay, which is exactly the biggest problem, because of its anti-evolutionary feeling.

Franks mission to save the world is, this way, pretty much doomed. You are literally restricted to a few military weapons (nothing new about them either) with the boring objectives in your hands. Unfortunately, Exodus gameplay is a simple kill kill kill the same soldiers (and the same AI) in order to find a key to open the next door.

There are some sequences that tend to break away from this mechanic - In some parts you'll get the chance of driving a veichle or two, and later in the game the sets will change dramatically. But, as all the rest in this game, these sequences are thorn apart because of the linear and boring gameplay, that never seems to give you something new besides opening doors with codes, or throwing you into a room full of enemies ready to shoot you down - because this game is only hard when there are ten enemies shooting at you at the same time.

Without the fun of a Serious Sam or the originality of a Painkiller, EFTE gets lost in the crowd of good FPS that exist today. This way, there's no chance to recommend a game like this, where all the fun and potential have been replaced by linear mechanics and dated gameplay.

The Good:
Some mindless, occasionally fun shooting - An handful of environments reveal a decent amount of graphical detail.

The bad:
Boring, tedious gameplay - Linear mechanics give you no fun at all - Story is an undeveloped cliche - Awful level and enemy design - Short duration with no replay value - Music is nothing more than irritating at times - Atrocious voice acting.