The most disappointing game I've played in months!

User Rating: 3.5 | Exodus from the Earth PC
Starting off the graphics are decent, regardless of settings but still looks a little outdated even for a year ago. Voice acting is terrible, they seemed very not coordinated with there character and the mouthing on the animations is off by a noticeable second or two (may be just my version). Hardware issues with the sound which caused it to crack every time someone talked which got annoying quick. Especially following bad voice acting.

I'm a complete Scifi guy, playing all the space, future theories and so on, so the premise of the game is great. What if the sun started to explode much sooner then the estimated few billion years? Chaos, weird experimentation, death, fighting, anarchy, the works. Great concept, but displayed very poorly.

This game also feels half finished. I ran into alot of problems that led me to the half completion. Areas of the sewer for example look the same both ways, the signs pointing around all point up, there is no HUD/map, and the only thing you have to go on is the very brief objectives view. Needless to say setting off the alarm happens regardless of trying to be sneaky, so just X off that before hand.

Overall the game was fun, but gave me a headache because I got lost and couldn't figure out how to get past one part since it 1)all looked the same 2)no signs or anything that show you where your going and where you need to go 3)I just had no intention of running around for hours to figure it out.

I'd say pass on playing or even spending more then 1 penny on this game. If only they'd do a remake of this game it would be alot better. Also surprising because strategy first usually makes good games.