Hello, It's Free

User Rating: 9 | 3D Classics: Excitebike 3DS
I got a chuckle seeing 6s from other users for this game. It's free, come on! Nevertheless, I would pay for Excitebike 3DS. I probably wouldn't pay what I'm guessing Nintendo will be asking for it a month from now, but it's a fun game in its own right -- not just a mere novelty.

So, obviously, it's a remastered version of Excitebike. Most of the visuals appear to be basically the same as the original NES version; however, the clouds in the background I would have to assume are completely new -- no way NES could produce those graphics.

You can set the 3D effect two ways, actually. The intensity of the 3D is set from the options menu, and the perspective is set with the 3D slider on the 3DS. I have both options set to full, and the game looks great.

It also plays great. It's a really simple game in execution; press A to accelerate, and press B to use your turbo. The real challenge, however, is navigating obstacles and A.I. riders. It's a fun challenge that holds up extremely well.

It's Excitebike, it's in 3D, and...it's freakin' free, yo! What's not to like. They even included a level editor. This is currently one of the coolest apps I have on my 3DS. How anyone can truly criticize it is beyond me. But get it soon because after this month Nintendo will be charging for it on the eShop.