Excite truck is a quick thrown together game with no meat at all, drier than Death Valley, and helps you go to sleep.

User Rating: 6.8 | Excite Truck WII
The game. *zzzzzzzzzzzz*. The game Excite Truck is a game that's totally bottom notch and I've nearly explained it in the description. From the lack of decent content, to the quick fun to boring factor. It's all here, and it's either something you'd have fun with in a quick sitting or a game that sucks if you play it for a little longer. Excite Truck is empty, slightly fun, but runs out quick with everything it has to offer. You'll start with three trucks: a dune buggy thing, and a couple regular cars. From there you have just four short competitions that you can easily beat in about 3 hours, and there you have it, you beat the game. Anyway from the start the game has a nice layout and you get a great first impression with the rock music and the colors and whatnot. Don't be fooled. The four competitions go: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each with 5 races ( if I remember right). The tracks have you go through five countries which include Canada, China, Finland, Mexico, and Scotland. Each country has one track that pretty much gets slightly changed each preceding competition. Starting up a race you have the regular 3, 2, 1 thing and you're off. You'll realize the nice sense of speed and each track has you get these stars which are like points for doing little tricks and crashing into other cars, a lot like in Burnout. The boost in your car is boring to use and I figured that out pretty soon. Once it refuels it's gone in like 2 seconds and there's little indication that you just did a big boost, therefore it's not too exciting to use. (why not call it 'Boring Truck'?). The gameplay feels a lot like those MX games where a lot of the technique is based around hitting hills at the right time and shifting your weight around to get the most out of each jump. There are these things placed around each track that when you touch them it deforms the track quickly to knock your enemy cars out of place to get star points. For instance when you're driving down the valley in this one Canada track, when you hit this icon thing, a bunch of boulders will come rolling down and can hit the guys ahead of you. It's nifty but it's more of luck to be successful than anything else. There's also these icons that you can hit which throw you into this invincible mode temporarily where you can hit trees without crashing and you destroy anything in your path, kinda like when you get a star thing in Mario Kart. Fortunately these are fun as hell to pick up and bring a touch to the game that doesn't get old.

To tell about the scraps I'll tell you this, the car sounds are dull and standard, alright for this arcade sort of game, but in the end dumb. The graphics are great. Nice trees, nice landscapes, pretty skies, and it's one of the big pluses of Excite Truck. Each country's tracks have their one little developer-made song going, just this rock beat but altogether average. The car's aren't too exciting. They're just there and you're not in awe of really anything. Crashes look a little like the earlier Burnout games, the car looks chunked up but nothing interesting. Nothing shows a tremendous amount of effort. In the end, the gameplay is just mindless you just steaer back and forth and you just wait to see what happens next. If you played a lot of the lousy Sonic games lately, you'll know what I mean. You can't really get better or worse and it and it's just totally random and flashy and ultimately just weird and dry.

Alright I guess I've explained the game like it's total crap, but believe me, you'll be bored fast after the "Oh my god this is awesome!" factor wears off. It's great from the start but doesn't do much from there. To sum it up, Excite Truck might be worth a rental, that's what I did, but maybe not even that. I guess it just depends who you are and if you'd be held up by the gameplay as long. But gamespot's review is an accurate one and I agree with the "tech demo" title of the game. That's really all it is but then again, it's up to you to how much you'd like it.