Pass this one up, it ship has sailed.

User Rating: 4 | Evolva PC
The graphics in evolva are old & didn't hold up to the times, very generic and bland.

the story has a good primes, but doesn't follow thru, leaving it shallow. The meat (pun not intended) of the game is to get new mutations to beat the next lvl of monsters which are just stronger than you are. This quickly turns into a grind of kill a enemy, absorb the meat i.e. DNA. if you can mutate, the blue meter on your screen will blink for a new ability, if it is an old mutation, then you will only make your meter go up. Repeat, over & over again.

The game does try to change things up a bit by including puzzle elements in which your different characters (depending on their mutations) can work together by you switching to different ones till you meet your goals to beat the lvl.

there is a cool twist where each character will have a camera view (stuttering, damn can't get a PRO w/o issues) of what's in front of them, which comes in handy trying to solve the puzzles during the missions. The A.I. suffers greatly to the point where your teammates will stand in front of you as you try to defend or attack the monsters, so it nullifies whatever cool points it gets for having the individual cameras.

Skip this one, not worth your time beyond the first lvl or so.