Oh No Not Another Stupid Hawk Rip Off. No Not w00t w00t For You!!!!!!

User Rating: 3.7 | Evolution Skateboarding PS2
Stoogey McSux For PS2 AKA Evolution Skateboarding For PS2.

Hello And Welcome To My Review On Evolution Skateboarding.

My Cousin Ben Has This Game and we where playing it all day long then all of the sudden i thought to my self where is Tony Hawk?

So i asked Ben " What Tony Hawk Is This?" I Said.

To Which He Replied " Oh Whoops wrong game cause i got a bunch of skating games "

I was shocked how much this was Tony hawk.

Gameplay : this is the only half good thing about this game. You can do.........

Melons and other tricks.

The tricks are alright.

The missions in this game just are not fun. They Are Repetitive x 20.

There are no good skaters in this game.

Graphics : The graphics are alright they are nice and polished.

Sound : Don't Get me started on the sound it just plain sucks. The music is stupid and lame. And The Voices are just plain bad.

All in all the gameplay makes a difference in this game.

It isn't the worst game but it is pretty bad.

Yo In The Great Words Of The Don Vito.