Because of the short life of the Dreamcast, this very stellar RPG will fly under the radar of most gamers.

User Rating: 9 | Shinkisekai Evolution DC
After hooking up my Dreamcast just to show someone the Code Veronica Intro, I started playing Dreamcast again, and now I am hooked. I picked up Evolution for 4.99 and I will say right now it was one of the best deals in Videogames. This game takes it back to basics, good story, interesting characters and a combat engine that is out of this world. I cannot believe no other console picked up this Gem and carted it over because it is really a pleasant suprise. The game sort of came off as a cheesey Japanese RPG, but after a few minutes and getting the hand of the controls within battle it shakes off that misconception in a hurry. You find yourself at the helm of Mag Launcher and his Cyframe (Some sort of qwazi robotic backback) and is cheesey as it may come off it really works for the game. There is an interesting mix of characters in the game spanding from soldiers to butlers, and even though it may seem out of place when reading it in the review I assure you that in the game it makes alot of sence. I mean Paper Mario 2 has you recruit a Mushroom man!! The gameplay aspect of this game is really the tale of two games. The Battle Engine is just AWESOME. Perhaps the best part of the game. There is a wide range of attacks and spells that all come across as looking very cutting edge and I would go as far as to say still good for 2005 standards. The Dungeons are a bit drab very generic and not very inspiring, but it didn't take away from the game for me, I would that most of this game takes place within battle so I had no trouble writting off some of its less polished gameplay aspects. The Story flowed very well some of the characters could have been more developed but as a whole it did a good job of telling me what I needed to know and even was able to suprise me at times, it really does shy away from the typical save the world ploy, and thats really what makes it as good as it is. Graphically, I am impressed I had to keep reminding myself that this game came out in 1998. Its nothing stellar but it doesn't aim to be its good for an RPG and thats all I am asking for. The characters all look very colorful and bright as do alot of the towns where most of the Dialog between characters take place. The Dungeons are as I said above very bland almost a rush job but it really didn't standout in such a way that it made me focus on it during play just something I noticed in passing during the course of the game. The Battles look great, the enemies look very detailed and the battle effects are truly first class. It is light years ahead of its time and even better then alot of the RPG's that are around even today, The detail that goes into alot of the little aspect of battle are the things that I really noticed and the sheer beauty of alot of the battle effects and thats what makes this game so much fun. Sound, all I can say is that its nothing out of this world but the soundtrack is well done there is no spoken text but that is forgiven because of course the game is from 1998. There is nothing that really leaps out as amazing but its well rounded and does not take away from the game, but does little to add to it. Value, well there are two aspects to value play and replay, for play value the game was good enough that it kept me playing, I even played eight hours straight one rainy Saturday, it really does suck you in and for that I have to give it full credit. As for Replay there is enough to do to keep you coming back, I got around 26hrs out of it, and I could see myself playing it again later on, it is a must own that is for sure. Overall, a great suprise enough to make me buy the second one, Its too bad that most RPG fans will never be able to get their hands on this Gem, but if you have a Dreamcast buy it, and if you don't but a Dreamcast and then buy this game. Believe me its worth it -Z