A good underrated fighter for the PSX......One worth checking out.

User Rating: 9.6 | Eretzvaju PS
Ahh, yes....Evil Zone Evil Zone is a great fighter. Here are some reasons why : 1. Graphics : I thought they were good for it's time. There was some slowdown on the PSX, but on the PS2, you can hardly tell there is. The 3-D environment is pretty good, not the best though. It is nice to look at, like Setsuna's and Keiya's stage, but some are kind of iffy to look at and wander though, like Kakurine's stage. Overall, they are good. I'll give them an 8. 2. Characters : Good, well devolped characters. This is Evil Zone's lifeblood here. They are, as said, well-devolped. Going through the story mode, you see their reasons for being there, you sympathize with them, and some of them....they're just badass. I'd give them a 9 here. 3. Controls and A.I. : Easy. Simple. You use two buttons with the D-Pad...not too bad. Moves are easy to perform, super moves are just as easy. It isn't too bad. The A.I. gives you a good challenge too. Evil Zone has somewhat intellegent A.I., so they'll put up a good fight at the higher levels of difficulty. I'd give this section an 8. 4. Replayability : There is a lot of replayability in EZ. Alt. Costumes for everyone, characters to unlock, Character bios, and once you get everything...a funny scene congratulating you for your accomplishments. It's worth doing everything in the end. It gets a 9, here. It's a good game, and for 5 dollars, it's worth checking out.