Best fighter for the Playstation

User Rating: 9.1 | Eretzvaju PS
Evil Zone is in my opinion the best game available for the Play station. It is simple enough for anyone to play, yet hard to master.

Difficulty: The controls take some time to get used to on Evil Zone. Every attack includes the triangle button in some way and every block and counter includes the square button in some way. Once you learn the controls this game is great.

Game play: If you are by yourself the Story mode for each character is well done, telling back ground information about each character. Every character is related to each other in some way, this makes the plot of the game thick and deep.
Each character has the same basic control scheme. For instance pressing right, right, and triangle will activate each character’s special attack. This game has many, many diverse attacks including sword slashes, punches, throw’s, and even a strike from an orbital weapon!
The voice acting is so terrible that it actually makes the game more interesting to play.
Graphics: The graphics are in full 3D and for a Play station game are very good. Some of the characters look a bit blocky however and when you see the arena’s you just go, what the heck? This looks crappy!

Sound: Every character has there own stage and a unique song that play’s. The songs are well done and symbolize each character’s unique attitude and story.

This is one of the best fighting games I have ever played, and in my opinion the best the Play station has to offer. I give this game a 9.1/10.0