Amazing Fighting Game!!

User Rating: 9.3 | Eretzvaju PS
This game is just awesome! I mean i usually don't play fighting games but when my cousin bought this game and i played it with him...i had to go and buy it myself! I just love the way you can execute the attacks and there's so many different attacks and combinations you can do! Every character has 2 special attacks that are not to hard to pull off and do alot of damage! When you do the story mode it's like a television show after every battle because it shows who you fought and who your going to fight next...kinda of like how when a anime show goes off and gives a preview of what happens in the next show with that dramatic voice! This game is just too good to describe in words! If you enjoy fighting games or just great games in need to play this game! Go to your local game store and look in the bargain bin for might be hard to find though...Good Luck!