"Reminds me of the tv show tenchi muyo!"

User Rating: 7 | Eretzvaju PS
First off when i first played this game i watched alot of tenchi muyo and alot of the characters on evil zone reminded me of the characters on tenchi muyo, like erel(my favorite character) reminds me of mihoshi(who is also my favorite character on tenchi muyo), midori reminds me of washu, ihadurca reminds me of ryoko, kakurine reminds me of sasami.

The game is about 9 people who all want to destroy an evil person named ihadurca, but to see who is the best suited to defeat ihadurca, they make 8 rounds of one against one, and whoever can defeat all other people can go and fight ihadurca and hope to win.

I haven't played the game for a long time because i don't play action games for that long( i tend to get bored with them,i like more of a story involved, but it doesn't mean i won't play it ever again), but i know i loved it, The sound is good, the characters are awesome!, the gameplay is good,the graphics are okay, and there isn't much of a plot.

This game is an action game if you like action games then you should get this game.