A flawed piece of work - not as much fun as the demo!

User Rating: 7 | Evil Genius PC
Let's get this straight before I start - I loved the demo of Evil Genius, read all the websites, and was totally caught up in the pre-release hype of the game. I was disappointed by the review of the game on Gamespot initially (not having a copy of the game myself) but wasn't going to be put off. Then the day finally arrived, and Evil Genius was installed. And then things started to go downhill. Choppy sound throughout the tutorial made this difficult to watch. MINUS POINTS The game, once you get into it, is v-e-r-y s-l-o-w. So slow in fact that you can spend ages waiting for the story to advance. And then there are the bugs - whenever the game autosaves you should always go and put your minions into hiding on the World map, as that's the only time the agents of justice seem to appear. Moving objects within a room is a real pain as well - if you want to move an object just one square to the left then you usually can't - you need to move it completely out of the way. Wait for ages, and then move it to where you actually wanted it to be. And forget about resizing rooms - once something's built, it's built. PLUS POINTS With the negatives out of the way, here are the positives about Evil Genius. The music (when it's not choppy) is fantastic. The female announcer in the base is total "Theme Hospital" rip off (and that's not a bad thing by the way). Graphics are attractive, if not ground breaking, again not intended as a bad thing. OVERALL Is it enough to make me stop playing Sims 2 this weekend? Sadly no it isn't, but for me it's not a game that's going on the scrap heap immediately.