Good Fun But Flawed In Many Ways

User Rating: 6.2 | Evil Genius PC
Let's face it, who has ever wanted to play a baddie in a computer game? Everybody. When I heard about the game called Evil Genius I wanted to get it immediately, due to the fact you could play a baddie. At first I thought it was a godsend. Later, I discovered it is more like a poisoned chalice. In the game, you take control of one of three maniac madmen bent on world domination. There is Maxamillian, the short, plump, scar-faced, monocle wearing brute who has a fetish towards advanced technology. Next, there is the red-haired beauty Alexis, who tends to like her toyboys alot and likes to set minions on fire with her cigarettes. Finally there is Shen Yu, a strange intoxicating madman who was a one time a A.N.V.I.L agent. Now that the background is done, let's talk about the good parts of Evil Genius first. Overall, it is great fun. Seeing your minions do funny animations such as bashing musical instruments on agent's heads really is a joy to watch. The gameplay is fast and furious, but even seeing your evil lair being built really is a very pleasant sight. Now, time for the bad. The word that best describes all of Evil Genius's flaws is frustration. Not only does seeing that infernal agent somehow dig a hole underground and then come up into you power room then blowing up your generators, leaving you in a blackout annoying after the tenth time, but there is even more. You'r minions on the world map get killed very easily, not only because agents pop up in a region and kill them behind your back when your not looking at your map but sending your minions on ANY Act of Infamy is a suicide mission. One time I sent my minions on a 0 risk mission (risk is the measure of how risky for your minion's lives the mission is) and nearly all of them ended up dead!! It really is a shame that such a promising idea is so frustrating to play, but if you are able to overlook its annoying facts then it will be a pleasure to play.