Quite Entertaining And Funny

User Rating: 6.2 | Evil Dead: Regeneration PC
I just recieved this game, played the first couple levels. Its pretty entertaining you play Ash in this 3rd person action/horror/comedy game. Bruce Campbell does the voice of Ash, who else possibly could have? The game seems like it would be Evil Dead 4 if it were a movie, the begining takes place in the original house learning to play the game with your chainsaw and shotty, then moves on to an insane asylum. An evil doctor gets ahold of the necronomicon and brings evil back into the world, and you must stop him. I wouldnt say its worth spendin to much money on it but its definatly a good time killer, best played while stoned. But I think they should have done better on the graphics, prolly didnt have an overly big budget.