Resident Evil Clone

User Rating: 7.8 | Evil Dead: Regeneration PC
Evil Dead: Regeneration hit the shelves today at the low price of $19.. So I decided to give ‘ol Ash one last try. As you all know the last two evil dead games were… well.. they sucked pretty bad, even for a die hard Evil Dead Fan…

This go around the story and game play are markedly improved and equates to a pretty fun experience. The graphics are fast as they are about 1 generation behind, but they convey the fun and fast passed play a game like this requires. The entire game takes place from a third person view with rotating camera controlled by the mouse. This gives you a pretty good amount of control over the view you experience, although it does take some getting used to and is not quite up to Max Payne Standards.

The game experience is where it’s at. First thing to note is that Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi provide the voice talent while all in game and cut scenes are a very good “cartoon” likeness of Ash. These details really pull you in to an Evil Dead chapter that looks and sounds “right”. After starting the game, the first level/tutorial picks up during the climax of Evil Dead 2: Dead by dawn. You replay for the cabin scene with the shotgun and chainsaw against a small horde of deadites. Its quite fun and really sets the tone for the game. The game then cuts to an alternate “reality” where Army of Darkness never took place. Instead we find ash confined to a mental institution for all of the murders he committed. After a short and frisky cut scene between Ash and his lawyer, all hell breaks loose as the dead take over the institution. People change in to Deadites, objects take on personalities and Kandarian Demons roam the halls. Ash must now make his escape from the institution and kick as much butt as possible on the way out.

The Action is kept going by making the game as simple as possible and keeping the player focused on the action instead of looking for ammo health and other items. All weapons have unlimited ammo and you can wield two at a time. Health is generously placed throughout the game, usually before and after large scripted events.