Just another Evil Dead game, I'm afraid.

User Rating: 5.3 | Evil Dead: Regeneration PC
The Evil Dead series of movies is a no-brainer, they're friggin' awesome. The Evil Dead series of games, however, is a different story. The first one.....completely god-awful. The second.....a vast improvement, with a pretty fluid fighting form, but it faded quickly...and got traded in even quicker. Now this third one here....well....just read below.

The good: Let's face it, to say that Bruce Campbell is anything but awesome would be blasphemy, but to recognize the faults of the projects he's in would be wise. the voice acting is good....that's about it.

The mediocre: Ash's new sidekick. He's loud, obnoxious, and only semi-useful in this game, other than that completely unnecessary. He at least defends himself and comes in handy at dispersing the few annoying background deadites.

The bad: This will be long. The combat engine for this game has taken about 2 steps back and fallen down about 2 flights of stairs. In the second installment, the fighting was fluid in-between swings of the chainsaw, this time around, it looks like Ash had a few too many before strapping on the deadite-slicer. The combo attacks and the steps in-between swings has lost ALL of its fluidity. the story is the same as always. Ash's town gets run-over with deadites, some semi-attractive blond moron gets kidnapped, and you need to save her and the world from some crazy professor, except this time you get a bumbling mongoloid sidekick that has NOTHING to do with the Evil Dead universe, and only really proves himself useful for a cheap laugh after you kick him off a cliff or into a fire or something, only to return for yet another laugh-inducing kick into a bonfire. The boss battles were entirely un-original, and the total gameplay was plain. The bugs in this game were awful, but proved to work in my favor in the end. I noticed that in the last boss battle, I was getting schooled at first, but I wasn't losing any health. Seems that a bug made me invincible for the final showdown...nice. Just meant I could finish the game up and trade it back in a mere 5 days after I bought it.

The rundown: Just another bargain-bin Evil Dead game....do NOT buy it...rent only.