cool funny nice game but have alot of stupidity

User Rating: 6.9 | Evil Dead: Regeneration PC
i had alot of fun while playing Evil Dead Regeneration
i liked more than one thing in this game like
1- good story
2- the frist misson - tutorial - that remind by the part 2 of the movie
3- cool right arm weapons specially that one who remind me of scorpion of mortal kompat - just Ash need t say '' COME OVER HER " :-)
4- the dwarf corpe (Sam) was funny and hard ass
5- the dialogue between Ash and Sam remind me by south park '' have the angle faces but the sailor mouth ''

But there are alot of fatal disadvantages
1- u can't switch targets while u press "CTRL" button
2- just 3 weapons on left hand and stupid rocket luncher
3- i had load the game after dying - i think they invented continue button i every other game - :-(
4- camera was horrible it suddenly 180 degrees or to dead angles
5- short game took -8 hrs- to finsh it
6- and after all that he'''''' KILLS THE CHICK !!!!!!! '''''''