PSN worthy??

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I know it wasnt the best game, but it had Bruce's voice. and the Evil Dead fan base to back it up so I think it should be on PSN(soon to be SEN). after all these years I wouldnt mind beating it again.

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Yup, not an awesome game by any stretch of the imagination but it sure did bring back a lot of memories when I recently played it again on PC. Pretty annoying due to the fixed camera angles and dull, lifeless graphics but hey, still much better than some of the stuff they come out with today. Worth a play but not a collector's item, that's for sure.

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Not a stellar game, you either love it or hate it. Truth be told I thought it was pretty cool when it came out and played it quite a lot. I was the only one of my friends who did. LOL

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Such an underrated game. This was much better than most people think. To be honest, this game just got so bad reviews because it was always compared to Resident Evil (which was better, I must admit). It's not a stellar game by any stretch of the imagination but it had a great story, great gameplay and graphics.