An addictive little, well.....

User Rating: 9 | Riff: Everyday Shooter PS3
...everyday shooter.

The last game of this type I really played much of was probably Asteroids, so this format is fresh to me. I realize that this game is very similar to quite a few out there now, but I love it.

Simple but challenging (if you want the high score) gameplay, with psychedelic visuals and a listenable solo guitar riff audio track make this a game that Ive been playing a couple of rounds a day. My partner actually caught me humming one of the riffs yesterday.....

Using the points scored to unlock bonus features and single play levels add to the replayability, and I must say, I wont stop until I can get through the whole game with one life!! I can do it!

Anyway, to those looking for a nice throwback to old-school games for cheap on the PSN, look no further. This addictive little number just might keep you hooked for longer than you expect.