Geometry Wars with a music theme.

User Rating: 8.5 | Riff: Everyday Shooter PS3
Going into this game all I could remember about it was that it was like Geometry Wars, a big 2D combat arena where you blast the living poop out of stuff until it's gone but when I went to download it I found something uses music as a primary theme. When you shoot something, it makes music, when you play you have to last as long as the music, and so on. Pretty unique idea when music is used as a major element of your game especially for non-rhythm games. This game does have it's flaws however. First off the screen can be confusing. An example of this is the first level. Since everything in the game is pretty much white and where ever you go the background "sinks" in and turns white, everything is practically invisible. There are some more issues but I guess you can't complain, it is trying to mirror the old arcade games of yesteryear. All I have to say is, this game isn't a market changing product but it is a fun, cheap game.