This game is good, not as amazing as I hoped.

User Rating: 7.5 | Everyday Shooter PC
This is a great game, but I was expecting more. Granted, for a ten dollar shooter it's good. The graphics are beautiful, sometimes reminding me of otherworldly amoeba, and other times reminding me of robots. The artistic style is phenomenal. Audio-wise, the soundtrack is made up of some minimalist and percussive guitar that is literally half the reason this is a good game. Amazingly, you may find these tunes rattling around in your head the next day. I don't know which I like better, the unpretentious yet catchy guitar, or the dreamy visuals! This game's one weakness is it's incredible difficulty and consequent repetitiveness. The frustrating part is that you are expected to play the entire game through without losing your lives, and if you lose, you start over from the whole beginning. The levels are fun, but they can get old pretty fast. I'd recommend this game if you're willing to repeat the levels many times over. Are you up for a great game that is gorgeous, off-beat, yet super-hard? If you are, it's a real treat. If you're not, skip it.