Brilliant Design, great music and fun gameplay makes this well woth your money.

User Rating: 8 | Riff: Everyday Shooter PS3
Everyday shooter is everything but.

As soon as the minimalist menu appears with that guitar tune, you instantly know that what you have in front of you is something quite different.

The game revolves around seemingly simple premises. You are a... well a dot, and it is your job to shoot everything that appears whilst trying to survive for the duration of the song. However, you will soon realise that every level works on a different system. For instance on one level you have small turrets firing projectiles at you but these are linked to a 'power station', which in turn can be linked to another power station. Its up to you whether to target the immediate threat or go for the main power station and wipe out the lot.

The artistic design is superb and completely unique. Brilliantly the design of the level, such as colours and shapes, can morph and be completely changed, depending on what your little dot of doom shoots at.

The music whilst all guitar rifts, is also great, and like the design of the levels, changes depending on what you are doing. Once into the action, the exploding colours and up-beat music will completely draw you in and won't let go.

The game it self is surprisingly challenging, and at times you may wonder how you will even survive at all, with literally hundred of enemies descending on you at once. This, however, is not a bad thing and just keeps you coming back for more.

Finally, as an extra touch there is an unlock menu which allows you to buy extra lives, different visually effects and even a mode which makes your dot invincible.

All in all you deserve to play this game, and you will find it is perfect for little five minute bashes or a good long stint.