Why are all animé games so mediocre!?

User Rating: 5.2 | Every Party X360
Fun Online

Cheap D-Grade Graphics
Feels more like a DS title than a 360 title

"Easy playability allows users to play right away; while the strategic features let players thoroughly enjoy the game at length. Everyparty for everybody! You can play in various ways - play alone, with your friends, or on Xbox Live. With Everyparty, you'll be able to find joy in playing games again."

The statement above only covers 3/4 of the actual game, the online part, that is. The online is probably the only remotely playable part of the game, and even then it's only fun with 2-4 people at each end. Although, to be honest, it is pretty fun, which may surprise you if you have played the offline section of the game. Also, the achievements are weak and badly though-out, one of these is; [Achievement] Mini-Game Showdown Master 3: [20G]
Mini-Game Showdown: Win 3 times in a 3-game tournament with 3 of the strongest A.I. players. The single player is just a series of uninteresting mini-games and annoying, shallow gameplay that makes the single player section totally unplayable. So if you haven't got online, then don't bother buying this.

The obvious problem with this game is that it's Japanese, so if your willing to pay £35 and extra money for postage and online support, then this game will provide lot's of fun, providing you know other non-Japanese people who own the game. But if you have no interest in animé, Japan, an endless series of tedious mini-games or paying potentially £80 when you could waste it on other Japanese titles like N3 or Enchanted Arms, then steer clear of this, which should be easy since it's all the way in Asia.