If it were not for the raiding; I would still be playing it.

User Rating: 8.5 | EverQuest: Shadows of Luclin PC
- Strong grouping game.

- Brought a few new ideas to the community, such as a tank which ditch little damage.

- Decent amount of customisations (classes/AAs).

- Some soloing. (not for strong soloers, but casual soloers might still find some measure of fun in it)

- Some tradeskills. (weaker gear, nice for alternates)

- Some PvP. (Arena or specific servers)

- Painful travels.

- Death penalty quite steep.

- Lots of expansions (if you like the game, an expansion in itself is always a good news)

- Adapt and improve to some extend.


But raiding enforcement, you either raid or lose any form of ego.

Best expansions: LDoN, focus is on instancing and on grouping.

Worst expansion: Velious, adds more raiding and very little else.

All in all, my time in EQ would have been quite good, if it was not for this raid-ending, again it ruins and spoil any good feeling I could have kept.

I doubt I would have gone out and try other MMOs if it wasn't for raiding. Raiding not only make me try other games, it kills EQ for me.