I no longer play, but thought I'll write a review for how I felt back then.

User Rating: 9.5 | EverQuest: Shadows of Luclin PC
I haven't played this game in over a year, but I'll have to say here that it was the most addicting game I have ever played...ever.

I started playing when the Kunark expansion was released, and I was instantly addicted. I ended up putting like 6+ hours a DAY into this game! I'll admit, I was one of those "hard-core" players. I pushed my character really hard and spent many many hours raiding.

But what made this game fun? For me, and others I assume, was the social aspect of the game. EverQuest required players to band together and battle as a team. Be it a five-man group battling for experience and low-end loot. Or multi-group raids for high-end encounters and greater rewards.

I can't say how the game is these days. I know it was dwindling down by the time I finally threw in the towel. The game went through some profound changes prior to me quitting. They upgraded the graphic's engine, changed many zones, changed the character models, etc.

What made me quit finally? The realization that I cannot put hours a day into it anymore. It literally took hours to complete a raid or do anything remotely productive. And the novelty was wearing off.

Would I ever go back? Very unlikely. The game is just not the same as when i was playing it from what I read. But I was always remember my time in the world of EverQuest. It truely was a part of my life even though it was a virtual life.