It's Fallen and It Can't Get Up

User Rating: 6 | EverQuest II: The Fallen Dynasty PC
Although it's already an old add-on to the EQ2 world, I'm new to the reviewing deal so I thought I'd drop a line on this small yet innovative EQ2 add-on. The add-on itself is pretty small, and is not meant to be an entire expansion world. This however, does not stop this little firecracker form offering an entirely new type of landscape and enemy design. The Asian inspired town which you begin your adventure is beautiful and detailed. It has it's fair share of solo quests, some of which are frustrating, but are pretty basic for the most part. The add-on also offered a few new titles for people who like to collect as many of them as they can. These are not easy to come by though, especially for certain classes, unless you come back at a higher level. As of 2009 the place is rather ghost townish, but you can still find some fun here. I pop in with alts every so often for a little extra exp and some peace and quiet. There is also group instances and I believe a raid zone here, for those people who would like to try new adventures for fun and not just the newest 'uber' gear found in the most recent TSO raid zones. Overall TFD can't stand up to the newer flashier zones as far as gear and loot offered, but it's still a hidden little zone waiting to be explored by those willing.