Deserves a Re-Review, This game is 10x the game it was at release! The best out there!

User Rating: 10 | EverQuest II (With Kingdom of the Sky Bundle) PC
Having played pretty much every MMO out there, Its clear to me that EQ2 is the best available, Heres why

Jaw Dropping Graphics - Time has passed, but EQ2 still looks absolutely beautiful, from armour that glistens in the sun, to Leaves that russle as you run through them, EQ2 is simply miles ahead of everything else out there.

Excellent Learning Curve - The new crisp UI is simple to use, and easy to configure without the use of numerous Add-ons, the game itself seemlessly takes you from one area to the next, there no "Where now?" feel what-so-ever.

Immersive Quests - Ever feel like your just simply picking up X amount of X for X purpose with real no clue why? EQ2 dosn't have that, the quests are involving and exciting and the world changes depending on your actions, its simply immersive, you feel like your making a difference to the world.

Excellent Character Customization - I'm a huge fan of making my character look unique, and EQ2 gives you that option, from changing the width of the chin, to the colour of your eyes, its an incredible system, you feel unique. Also for the more Asian/Anime crowd out there, the new SOGA models are incredible, and give a whole new feel to the game.

PVP - "The game currently has no PvP system" Not anymore Greg, the PvP is great fun and really adds another dimension to the game, making the Evil vs Good war feel that much more bitter.

Huge World to Explore - The world is simple breath-taking, from Thief infested sewers, to breathtaking beaches and scenery, every area has its own feel and unique design, while the world does have zone points, there very brief and uncommon and don't alter the enjoyment of the game, I'd rather have a truely unique world than a seemless one that all looks the same (Elwynn Forest, Dun Morogh, Hillsbrad, Westfall, Stranglethorn Vale, Redridge.. I could go on)

Quite simply my point is this, over the period since its release, this game has came on leaps and bounds, and should be re-reviewed, so please GameSpot, stop reporting every single insignificant change to WoW (patch 1.11 lmao, the bosses in Naxx were being killed in the server test realms by PUG's lmfao!) and give the most immersive MMO out there a fresh review :)