If you have a high end computer enjoy! For the rest of us...

User Rating: 7.5 | EverQuest II (With Kingdom of the Sky Bundle) PC
I played Everquest for months, and while there were some things that I liked, overall I didn't really care for it. So when I heard there was a sequel coming out, I was on board to try it out. I am certainly glad I did.

Almost all the things that were frustrating or just plain boring were fixed in Everquest 2. The quests given by NPCs give real experience, not just a tiny sliver of your experience bar. The crafting is a lot more fun in this version. I may be mean, but I found it a hoot when people got injured because they weren't paying attention. It gave a certain amount of spice to the normally time consuming, mind numbing process of crafting. And finally, this version makes it feasible to solo! No more trying to find a group when all you want to do is play for an hour.

And the graphics.... I cannot stress how much better the graphics really are. The character models are well done, the scenery is much better looking, even the buildings look amazing. Alas, there is a price to pay for such prettiness. If you like lag, then you'll love this game. It's a good thing that there are such pretty things to look at, because, odds are, you'll be looking at them for a long time. The loading times are also a problem, again because they put so much into the game it takes time to load up each zone. I've heard that if you have a really high end gaming computer, then these problems are minimized. Unfortunately, I can only rate what I have played.

Also I must note that this game may not be as good to people who love the original. There were many players that I saw giving away their high end gear to play EQ2, then seeing many of those same people coming back because they just couldn't get into the game.