This is an excellent game with top-tier graphics come on in and see what i have to say about it

User Rating: 9 | EverQuest II (With Kingdom of the Sky Bundle) PC
After i threw down the keyboard swearing myself off of wow forever, something drew me to everquest and i downloaded trial of the isle, and i have to tell you that wow has nothing on this the graphics are top-tier along with the attitudes of the players. and the voice acting is nothing to snuff at either, and the music gives this game a heroic feel even though it is mis-placed at times, the selection of races and classes makes this game feel so large and you really start to get a clue of how big it is and dont forget how easy it is to solo, where the characters dont give you quest they know you cant beat, the difficulty is just right and the particle effects are amazing and the character models look amazing with almost everything from height to the highlights in your hair being customizable, and both of the places in trial of the isle give you a noble feel if you're good and a powerful feel if you're bad, if your tired of bad graphics and immature players of wow its time for you to go do the quest, the everquest.