A Game Of Many Features

User Rating: 9.3 | EverQuest II (With Kingdom of the Sky Bundle) PC
Everquest 2 Is one of if not the best MMORPG. The game has alot of detail the graphics are superb on a high end pc but also pretty good on standard pc. It takes up around 7.5g and every MB is worth it. The thing for me that stands out in this game is the online comunity, there are many helpful people who are always willing to show you around the game,help,fight and to quest with you (witch is the centre of this game). The gameplay is very simple yet affective, with many classes and races to play with. This is one of few games that you can play over and over again and do many things diffrently. It takes a while to get used to but overall a solid MMORPG. IF your a fan of the genre this is a game you have to try out.

Overall 9.3/10