Personally my favorite game I've ever played.

User Rating: 10 | EverQuest II (With Kingdom of the Sky Bundle) PC
First things first. Please excuse my flaws I'm sure there are a few (probably with the healer classes I never payed much attention to their alignments)


Alright when you first start the game you choose your race. Your options are:
Good: Fae, Wood Elf, Kerra, Dwarf, Halfling, and Froglok.
Neutral: Erudite, Human, Half Elf, Gnome, and High Elf.
Evil: Ogre, Ratonga, Arasai, Dark Elf, Troll, Iksar

After your race choosing you get to customize your character. Its a pretty nice customization.

After you choose you make your dude you pick your class (there are 24) Your options are:
Good: Ranger, Swashbuckler, Dirge, Paladin, Monk, Illusionist, Conjuror, Warden, and Templar
Neutral: Berserker, Guardian, Fury, Mystic, Warlock, and Wizard.
Evil: Assassin, Shadowknight, Brigand, Troubador, Bruiser, Coercer, Necromancer, Inquisitor, and Defiler.

Then when your finished with that you choose your server and name. The servers are listed from Least populated to Most populated. And as for names just find one that isn't taken. They do have a no number filter, only 1 capitol letter (the first WHOAH WIERD!!). Then when you hit lvl 20 you can get a last name. (They do allow the ' symbol in the middle of your name for funky names or Role playing names or whatever. (or so i would think)

Well then you made your character..WOOT!! Now its time to play. Ill list the stuff in...sections...

Amazing! Each of the 24 classes are unique and they all get 1-3 moves per lvl. It has an excellent grouping system and one of they greatest communities (if not the best) in MMOs. Mostly everbody is mature and kind about things. It makes guilds fun, usefull, and very worthwhile. You can get status from city quests (writs) or heritage quests. With status (if your in a guild) you can buy extra things such as megafied houses, city merchant items, and discounted items (horses n' stuff). Thousands of thousands of quests to do. Thousands of thousands of items and equipment. And as for artisan you can make some extra cash by tradeskilling. Here are your tradeskilling options: Sage, Alchemist, Jeweler, Woodworker, Carpenter, Provisioner, Armorer, Tailor, and Weaponsmith. They are all profitable and can help your class alot. Once you hit the high(ish) lvls you can get in some raids. Raids are just 2-4 groups merged together to kill an epic boss dude. It's insanely fun and you can get some sick loot. There are tons of zones and with the expansions a crap load more. There are all types of zones in different islands, parts of islands, ect. There are currently four starting citys (another one announced in the next expansion and many more to come) two evil, and two good. There are so many people playing the game at a time that there is no problem finding groups at any level. Thats all I can think of writing at the moment but im sure I left out a ton of stuff.

Stunning graphics, great scenery, and great variations.

Excellent music!! You cant really type out a song or anything but yeah..EXCELLENT music!!

To sum it up its my favorite game although others may think differently and it has alot to do with favored style or whatever. (unless its one of those people who talk trash about a game they have never played.)

Oh yeah and the Cons... Uhhh... It takes a long time to download due to the constant updates fixing the little bugs, adding new things, and whatever. And it takes a pretty nice computer to run. Thats all I can think of.

I hope this review helped you with whatever you needed to know thanks for reading! (sorry for so much text)