EverQuest II

User Rating: 5 | EverQuest II PC


The first Everquest game was basically the mother of all MMORPGs. Everquest II has a nice feel to it, especially for having been released in 2004, but I have to comment that the GUI is bulky and the combat is a bit jittery and awkward. One thing I really like in video games is being able to customize the look of my character, and there's a very limited ability to do that in EQ2. My favorite class to play is usually a sorceress type, but the best race for that class (the Erudite) is bald and ugly with both of her possible looks, which was a huge downer.

The text in the small window on the lower left has so many colors as to be extremely confusing and unreadable, which made me not want to read it and means that I caught almost none of the story. I also found it annoying how I had to click on the lower left EQ2 button every time I wanted to go into the menu; I wasn't able to just press "Esc" like in most games, which is idiotic; that key doesn't serve any worthwhile purpose in EQ2. You also really don't have enough inventory space to do much at all unless you buy extra features, despite the game being free-to-play. In fact, the game feels like it's missing quite a decent bit with all the things it wants you to buy (e.g. out of 16 character races, only 4 of them are actually available without purchasing anything, and the same thing with the classes). A better alternative would be just having creative and fun DLC. This makes me not want to play the game anymore (I got to level 9), and thus I've stopped. I will say that I had to make a conscious decision to stop, though, for the game was a little fun while it lasted.