very beautiful expansion!

User Rating: 9 | EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity PC
It's amazing what nice graphics they squeezed out of this old engine. The zones and instances are all very beautifully designed. The storyline is very nice too, although I would wish that the solo-quests were a bit harder.

Wurmbone's End is especially beautiful. The Dreadcutter is cool too - who doesn't want to fight on a Pirate ship? (and you can even get it as a personal home)

There's also several new mercs in the game that you can win from chests, and I suspect you will soon be able to "own" more than one merc at a time.

If you count all the instances together from this expansion, you'll get about 20! AMAZING!

Your Characters "alternate advancements" (customization) got a big revamp also. You gain really funny prestige abilities that can up your DPS remarkably if you know how to use them, and you get seperate Tradeskills, like a harvesting goblin who can even find rares, experiment on your crafted gear to make it more powerful, etc...