User Rating: 8.8 | Everblue 2 PS2
Its hard to argue with the actual observations made by the Gamespot reviewer, because they are accurate, but the game is a lot funner than a 6.1 score would indicate. Chalk it up to the "twitchers-r-us" mentality at Gamespot. Gamespot is my favorite site, and I think they are honest and accuate when reviewing most games, but they really need to hire at least one editor who likes games other than pure reflex testers. Its like having a bunch of Die Hard movie fans review Schindler's List. There is room for more than one kind of game, but Gamespot has only one kind of reviewer. (Twisted Metal: Black = 9.5??? C'mon, grow up.) Anyway the "meat" of the game, the diving, is a lot of fun. What the reviewer does not mention is that you start your dive by accessing a world map - as your ship gets better, you can access more of the map. You search for sunken lienrs, pirate ships, etc. by pure exploration of the sea by diving at different spots on the map. This is the best pure exploration game I have ever played, with the possible exception of Skies of Arcadia. Photographing fish sounds lame, but in reality it is really a lot of fun. If you have an attention span beyond 10 minutes, give this game a try; especially since it'll probably find its way to the bargin bins quickly, thanks to reviews like GS's.