Eve is a Sci-Fi lover's wet dream providing some of the most intense, exciting, and complex game play around.

User Rating: 9 | EVE Online PC
Eve Online is possibly the most intense game I have ever played in terms of player verses player combat. All losses are permanent and cost in game currency to replace. So a death of an expensively fitted ship means that ship is gone and you have to buy a new one. (This is much unlike most online games where you die and pay a few very small cost to repair your armor.) The pvp is so intense in Eve Online I have found myself shaking as I partake in some combat encounters. For a video game to provide this level of adrenaline rush is a game worth playing.

Complexity; layers built on top of layers that bury layers which hide more layers. This sounds confusing and it very much can be for anybody who doesn't have the patience to endure the learning of all the mechanics in Eve. At this point I have played eve for roughly three years and have yet to learn many aspects of the game. Even though Eve presents possibly the steepest learning curve of all MMOs this also comes with some very nice upsides. Two of these being I can almost always be trying something new and the second there are very few if any high pitched squeaky voice 11-15 year olds playing this game(I would estimate the base player age to be 28.) yelling, "YOU NOOB YOU NOOB".

Eve has some impressive sites to behold traveling throughout the universe. Even though graphics aren't currently top-notch with the upcoming release of DUST 514 in 2012 Eve should receive a giant graphical overhaul making the game visually stunning. With the current release of Incarna you can visibly see your avatars and are the graphics very nice looking. Eve Online is regularly updated with two expansions (that are free) per year often adding more content, tweaks, and more complexity to the game. Player suggestions are taken more seriously in Eve than I have seen in most games.
Audio quality is a beauty in its own in Eve. It has a huge 67 song sound track providing wonderful ambient music. But, if that is not your thing or not enough you can even import your personal music collection into the game. Eve also contains possibly the best feature of any MMO. It has an in game web browser.

As a whole Eve Online is possibly one of the most complex and intense games I have ever played. With the upcoming release of Dust 514 it only looks to become more complex more fun and more intense. This is a dream game for any Sci-Fi lover but probably not for your average World of Warcraft junkie.