Space.....where war means nothing if the money is not there to be had.....

User Rating: 8.5 | EVE Online PC
Back in the day when i first started playing it i did not realy enjoy the game called eve online....It seemed like a spreadsheet in space....It was hard i was on my own and i did not have a clue what i was doing half the time....

A few months later and i get roped back my mates....This time i was not alone i had help i was given a helping hand and i enjoyed the game for what it was.....A massive galaxy with massive factions ready to do war/trade/rip each other off....(not in that order)

Also unlike most other MMO's this one runs of one server, so finding the same people is alot easyer and factions can indeed be huge without being overpowerd.

I am still not very good at this game but to be honest that is not the games fault but it is mine...I lack the time and the cash these days but when i did play it doing mining runs and the like to make cash...killing pirates or just getting lost and runing for my life...i enjoyed it and given the chance i would jump right in again.

So if you like the vastness of space and want to pilot great big ships, why not give eve a chance?