EO 21 DAY TRIALS +700m isk offer, Newbie help, Expansions...

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Hey all! My name is Mez and I have a great offer for both aspiring new players of Eve online, interested individuals who want to try the game, or even veterans of the game like myself who sometimes hiatus from Eve and return to play afer expansions! There's an option for all of you below, and I have been providing this service since CCP started these programs with the community. Don't fall for the internatz scams around- use these and work with a real fuggin' person, with plenty of experience to share-and time and patience to work with newbies. :)

For anyone who's in a rush/just wants the free 21-day gametime: https://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=d1827221-cd6c-4737-a745-24a3c40ddc54&action=buddy

Use that link, or simply click here for the page!

Use my link, register a new account, upgrade your trial to a paid acct, and I will send you current PLEX price - 250m! Just mail me the day you upgrade... this is important!

Also, yesterday the Rhea expansion finally dropped! It is one major addition of several large game-content expansions CCP has released for EVE this year, and likely the last of 2014... but it promises some amazing shite to keep us having loads of fun! Ahh I'm so excited for the new wormhole systems, and the first ever wormhole system with a public station in it.. complete with market, cloning, etc! As a wormhole corp CEO myself, this is gonna be a damn madhouse (and I mean it in the best way possible, hahaha)!

I am extending the hand of friendship here, and to any new players who would like some assitance, have questions, need training or even monetary help for skillbooks, ships, ammo, whatever--feel free to contact me by email, or in-game mail to my character "Mezul Nephyte" I will be glad to help out! If you're adventurous and wish to join me and my pals (all vets of EVE, along with new bros and people from all walks of life, mature) in our wormhole escapades and learn from the best! :)

Anywho, in any case- thanks for reading and hopefully I'll hear from some new eager pilots very soon!

Fly dangerously,

See ya, space cowboys~