CCP Are Thieves and a Walking Contradiction

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Oddly enough, i am rather surprised at how many swallow the pathetic lies from CCP Games. When so many of you know that there is consistent evidence of CCP being involved with RMT vendors, and Blink and more coming to light now. Why would you continue to support CCP? They are nothing but common thieves. They will break their own rules, and yet if you do one small thing wrong, they make you pay dearly for it, even if you did a legit in-game job. CCP cannot be trusted no matter what. CCP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, they DO NOT have the players/capsuleers best interest at heart. As long as all the money, and all money is made by them, and you continue to pay them, you are safe. Now you would say, but they designed the game, is that not how it should work. I would say yes, however, They want to slow you down enormously to prevent you from making too much in-game currency, and they are themselves RMT traders. They spout rules about RMT trading, yet they are involved with vendors and make money from those vendors in quite large amounts, and have been found out, about it. Before hand they were banning account that were supposedly RMT's, yet they were behind the cloaked veil of secrecy supporting vendors, but specific vendors. They are RMT themselves. How can they spout rules about banning accounts due to known RMT trading, and yet they themselves not only supported it by making money off it, but kept it from the Eve Online community and banned any account they deemed had been involved in RMT when they themselves were part of it all and secretly backed it to make more money. CCP are nothing more than common thieves stealing players/capsuleers in-game currency to feed their own ego and hide that own bad mistakes and not repay those characters back the in-game currency they stole, after lying to the community via their rules for a start.

How can we as the people that play the game and pay for it, allow CCP to get away with this kind of attitude. This also means that CCP's secretly supporting RMT has been a big part of the in-game market trends. Therefore their rules and lies they spout about the capsuleers being the ones that control the market has all been lies as they has a hand in it all the time.

Do we continue to allow CCP to interfere, and DO we allow ccp to get away with consistently banning accounts, with no solid evidence, and also do we allow them to continually lie to us and take us for idiots? We all know they have been in bed with the largest alliance in Eve Online for some time. There is no hiding that either.

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We cannot argue the review of the game itself, is that its a great game. But CCP's handling of it, is in question.