Paradox has once done it again with their new "update" from EU3.

User Rating: 9.5 | Europa Universalis IV PC
Paradox has once done it again with their new "update" from EU3. The game lets you play any country during the colonization and the goal is to make your country the way you want it. There is no real goal. Because there's no goal makes it such great fun because if you're for example France you can choose from exploring far away lands, fight the holy roman empire or take over the British isles. It's just that function that makes every game unique and since the game looks different every time you play it. I've played it for about eighty hours so far and I can't stop playing it. It grows on you.
The only bad part about this game is that the trading mechanic is a bit too fiddly and hard to understand in the beginning since it has changed quite a lot from the EU 3 version, but I think that the new trading system looks a lot better than it did before and might be better for new players wanting to play this franchise.
If you want to know more about specific mechanics and how to play the game you should head to the gamespot review or go to youtube and check some playtrough's