If you are familiar with the series it does feel like more of the same. Fortunately that's not a bad thing.

User Rating: 9 | Europa Universalis III PC
EU3 feels a lot like its predecessor. The game plays well and is far more polished than previous games in the series. EU3 does still have its own ragged edges though. The biggest sore thumb is the graphics. To be honest, the graphics were almost better in EU2. Nowhere is this more evident than when you have to zoom in and control military units.

There is a nice mash up of all the best parts of EU2 and great new features. Having complete control over what country you control and what year you start is a wonderful addition. Overall this game gives you a greater feeling of control, yet amazingly it is also less overwhelming.

I've got to say if you like EU2, buy this game. If you like in-depth strategy, buy this game. If you like games that take time, care and thought, buy this game.

However, if you're looking for a quick game with little thought, steer clear.