Awesome game, it will have you playing for hours!

User Rating: 8 | Euro Truck Simulator PC
Euro truck simulator is a great game! You start out by picking which european country to start out in, the you pick your first truck then you get going! You earn money b driving trailers from one city to another city. Its really strait forward, you drive along the highway, get gas if you need it, drop off the trailer and get money! You use money to repair and upgrade your truck, buy new trucks, for gas, and to gain access to other countries you do not have access to at the beginning. Graphics are awesome, best of any 18 wheels of steel game! On a side note please buy this game legally, because you need to support the developers. There are many types of cargo from ice creme, to acid. This game will provide hours of fun for any trucking fan. If you do not like driving, trucks, or your impatient I would not recommend this game. Thank you for reading and I hope you get this awesome game!